Coach Leighton Thorne
Leave an Impression...
...Not Footprints
Senior Baseball Instructor
Phone: 970-218-7877         email:
Ready your pitchers,
catchers, and hitters to
take the field in the
spring with winter work
Rocky Mountain Baseball Instruction 2013
"Most are never as needy as
their 'wants' lead them to
believe." - Coach Thorne
FIU- Florida International
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*Refund Policy
There are no refunds after processing without
the expressed written consent in email form from
Coach Thorne. All Clinics will be limited due to
space available.  No refunds will be made during
the month of the clinic due to booking payments
on facilities, airfares, and payments due to

Please contact Coach Thorne for further
information: Cell: 970-218-7877 or by email:
A glimpse of FIU Baseball
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Coach Thorne is starting his retirement and will be taking requests
for lessons on a first come, first serve basis.  He will be checking
with the Edge to see about lesson times as he will not be booking
large segments of time with Phil and only upon a player's request.  
Feel free to request a time and he will try to accomodate.  Thanks for
your continued cooperation.  He will be glad to see you!!!!